Get dat aylik

A good piece of advice I can give to students, at least those who really wish to get to know this city, is to buy the aylik sinirsiz.

 Ever since Joe realized how to purchase an unlimited transportation card (aylik sinirsiz) one of his favorite things to do has been hopping on a random bus until he gets really far and then hopping on another. I’d like to attribute this to the fact that he’s majoring in geography. His other motivation for doing so is getting his money’s worth. The unlimited card let’s you have 200 rides for only 75 lira so if you use up at least 70 rides you will be breaking even.

The aylik sinirsiz encourages you to see more of this extensive sprawling city. It’s so cheap, especially in comparison to a Metrocard, there’s really no excuse not to. On one of Joe’s excursions he was able to find a Dunkin Donuts and that made him really happy. 


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